Previous Legacies – Sims 3

This page is as the title suggests about my old legacies and challenges.  I started doing legacies in Sims 3.  Unfortunately the game broke and I had to scrap anything I was doing in Sims 3.

I had two main legacies in sims 3, they are listed below.  The sites are still open but are no longer being updated.

Winterton Adoptacy

Mendoza ISBI

As well as these more traditional legacies I started a blog called A Different Path where I planned to take well known families/sims and give them a different story.  It was a lot of fun but unfortunately due to the loss of Sims 3 I was unable to do the stories I had planned.

All is not lost though.  I am in the process of writing a story for Bella Bachelor using Sims 4.  The start of her story can be read here.  The rest of the story is a work in progress but I promise it will be told.




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