No More Sims 3

To begin with I want to say sorry for the lack of updates on Ginger’s Bacholorette challenge.  I had been working on preparations to the house and sims but it has been so progress, not helped by the game’s insistence on crashing just as I get something the way the I want it.

Sims 3 has been slow and a more unstable than usual. (best way I can think to describe it) This continued up until the last crash when I couldn’t get it working again.  Since then I have working on getting the game up and running again, but I am sad to say despite many attempts to get it working I think Sims 3 has giving up on me.  😥 Which is disappointing as I was hoping to finish the Mendoza ISBI since I was so close to the end.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read, like and comment.  You guys are what make all of this worth doing and I hope you will stick around and check out my Sims 4 blogs.

The Irving DITFT

This is a blog that started life in sims 3 then got moved over to Sims 4.  Click on the photo below to check it out.

The Crowe Legacy

This is an ordinary sims 4 legacy.  This is my founder, Mia Crowe.  Click on her photo to check it out.

Other bits

I have some other small challenges I would like to try out.  Some of which I was planning to do in sims 3 but I think they would work ok in Sims 4.  I am unsure what style I will write these in currently.

I think that’s everything, thanks again for sticking around and reading.  🙂




What’s My Challenge

Hi I’m Fushia Blush and I am the host of a new series due to air soon on SimsTV called What’s My Challenge.  In this first series will be following a young woman embarking on the Bacholerette Challenge and we need your help to make this happen.

I am looking for 6 single guys willing to take part in this challenge and perhaps find love at the end.  Places are limited so leave me a message below if you would like to apply.


What the Future Holds

Up until recently most of my legacy/challenges have been done using Sims 3.   Which is fine as I love playing Sims 3. The trouble with Sims 3 though is that it is slow to load, slow in CAS, crashes and glitches a lot.  This is why I have been thinking about whether to keep using Sims 3 after the Mendoza ISBI is finished or to move over to Sims 4.

The main reason for doing this is with the time I have available to play sims I can get a lot more done in Sims 4.  It loads SO much faster and is generally a smoother more stable game to play.

With this in mind I decided to do a little experiment using the Irving family from my DITFT (That I haven’t updated for a while, sorry about that).  I started a new game in Sims 4 and tried my best to recreate my Gen 2 heir Cruella.  I personally think I did a good job, not perfect but fairly close.

My decision to move over to TS4 was fuelled further by how much quicker it was not only to create Cruella in TS4 but to select all her outfits, accessories, hair and makeup as well as selecting her aspiration and choosing traits that matched up with her Sims 3 counterpart.  It was so quick that I had time afterwards to have a go at making Wolverine, Shawna and Luther as well.  Although I am not as happy with them.  Who actually appears with Cruella in Sims 4 shall remain secret until I release the next chapter of Irving DITFT.

If I was doing this in TS3 it would probably take a couple of hours at least just to complete one sim.  I am aware the amount of CC I use in TS3 might be a contributing factor.

I am not sure at this point if I will still do short challenges using Sims 3 or solely use Sims 4 for everything.  The plan at the moment is to work on completely the Mendoza ISBI first.