This is Me

I have seen visited a lot of sites that have a page about the author and I thought it was a good idea to make my own. So here goes, ready to learn more about me?

My name is Charlotte, I live in England with my boyfriend of 6 years. I have played Sims since the first game (or Sims 1 if you prefer). I am aware i am a bit late getting into writing legacies but I read several great stories and thought why not,I have a go at that.

OK here’s a few more facts about me

Age: I was born in Spring 1981

Job: Part-time Administrator

Favourite food: It’s a tie between Mac & Cheese and Tikka Masala.

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Animal: Cat. I do like Penguins as well.

Pets: A 1 year old grey cat named Teddy, we got him as a 2 month old kitten. I also have a 4 year old rabbit named Pickle, a Bearded Dragon named Puff and a Day Gecko named Sprout.

Interests: Besides playing the Sims I also make jewellery. I have a blog about it. I enjoy reading, currently I a reading a book called ‘The Haunting of James Hastings. I am teaching myself how to cook better (which my boyfriend thinks is great as he doesn’t have to do it!). I made my own pastry for the first time recently, yay me! This was because we have an apple tree in our garden and I thought it would be nice to make an apple pie from scratch.

I am also a fan of Doctor who. I think the new doctor, Peter Capaldi is doing a great job. A nice change from the young and energetic Matt Smith.

That’s all I can think of for now, if there is anything you would like to know comment below. Nothing inappropriate please.

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